Correctly employ and insure your private cleaning help

Register and insure your private cleaner correctly. Including employment contract, AHV registration, insurance, salary payment and personal support. Switzerland’s No. 1 Cheque Emploi Service for registering and managing your domestic help. Simple, fair, digital.

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quitt includes everything private employers need

Registration with all involved authorities
Conclusion of the compulsory accident insurance
Legally correct employment contract
Settlement of all social security contributions, taxes and insurance premiums
Monthly and annual salary statements
Personal customer support and practical templates

How quitt works


Find domestic help

Decide on a domestic helper of your choice.



Register with quitt

Register yourself and your private worker with quitt.


Create contract

Define the details such as the workload and salary.


Enjoy free time

Enjoy your free time and a correct and fair working relationship.

Pay fair wages

With quitt, you define the wage together with your private worker. Both parties have full transparency and an overview over all payments.

Wage paid CHF

Gross wage CHF

Cost CHF


quitt is cheaper than cleaning agencies

K-Tipp compared the prices of five major cleaning agencies. Based on the article, quitt is considerably cheaper. Read more.


The best arguments for choosing quitt

The best arguments for choosing quitt


Based on your information, quitt will know what you need. We decide with which authorities we have to register you and which social security contributions you have to pay as a result of your employment. quitt ensures that your employment is managed professionally and socially just.

Compliant with the law and up-to-date

No stress with changes in the law – quitt remains up-to-date for you! Every year, we revise all rates of our partners, compensation offices and authorities in all Cantons!

All from one source

Instead of communicating with many different authorities, you only communicate with quitt or conveniently log in to your personal customer area. In addition to practical templates, you will find all the necessary information and documents concerning your employment.

Sit back and relax

quitt takes care of all your paperwork and communicates with all relevant authorities: Registers, accounts, pays your bills and supports you in all aspects of your employment. Other providers may tell you what to do but only quitt actually does it for you so that you can sit back and relax!


Do you have any questions?

  • Under prices you will find all the details of the quitt.tariffs.
  • Use quitt.all-round service without risk with our 60-day money-back guarantee.

Which is the right tariff for me?

Yes, quitt takes care of the registration, payroll and insurance of all domestic helpers like cleaners, babysitters, gardeners and full-time nannys, au-pairs and elderly care.

  • All domestic workers are liable to AHV from the first minute of work.
  • The only exceptions are for pensioners and for “bag money jobs” for those under 26.
  • Cleaners cannot be self-employed by law.

Register a cleaning lady with the AHV: What you need to know

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