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Experiences and customer reviews

Experiences and customer reviews are important to us. Registering domestic help with authorities and insurance companies is a lot of work. With complex procedures and thousands of customers, unfortunately things can go wrong. quitt would like to learn from its mistakes and continuously improve its processes and services. Any feedback and experiences from customers, partners and employees is worth its weight in gold for us. We respond to all feedback and reviews within a reasonable period of time. Here you will find positive and negative customer opinions.

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Experiences and customer reviews are important to us!

Whether negative or positive, we take every feedback seriously and are constantly optimising our processes and online services. We look forward to your feedback and reviews on the quitt service.

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Customers recommend quitt

Your satisfaction and good experiences with our services is our top priority: according to a customer survey, 9 out of 10 customers recommend our service to others.

We acquire new quitt.customers through recommendations from existing customers. Our average subscription renewal rate is almost 90%.

Experiences and customer reviews (translated)

I was able to register my cleaning lady very easily with quitt.

quitt should become better known. Cleaning ladies are often not registered simply because it is so terribly complicated.

Everything is fine. I am very satisfied.

We use quitt for 2 years and are very satisfied. Colleague was also hired via quitt, she is also satisfied.

I am still very satisfied with the offer from quitt. Of course, I wouldn’t mind if the subscription was a little cheaper.

Great thing, compliment!

I’ve been using them for several years now and it really makes your life a lot easier. Saves you hours of annoying paperwork each year.

Super that you exist!
quitt is the best platform for hiring domestic staff that I know. To be recommended to all employers.
Great support-service!

No risk, it is worth it!

I have been an enthusiastic customer of quitt for several years now. Everything is settled cleanly. At last no more paperwork.

Got quick answers via customer e-mail. Perfect

I very much appreciate the fact that I don’t have to deal with the administrative formalities myself.
Thank you for being there, otherwise you would have had to be invented!
quitt was the salvation for us. We searched and discussed with some insurance providers. Days passed until they tried to find an answer. With quitt, an e-mail was enough and I had a response within hours. I recommended them to the AHV-Ausgleichskasse, even though they are not allowed to pass anything on ?.
I am always happy at the end of the month and especially at the end of the year that I do not have to do everything myself!
It was very pleasant that the whole thing – including the homepage – was kept as simple and clear as possible.

Very good and fast communication =)

Incredibly fast. Perfect service!

We used quitt for 5 years and were satisfied.

It’s quite sad that the regulators had forced them to stop issuing insurance, which made their service less attractive price-wise.

Still great service, though!

quitt is very user friendly! Thanks.

That is real relief.

The good thing about quitt is that you can regulate the conditions of employment such as pay and holidays yourself. This way you can show your cleaning lady the appreciation you want. This was not possible with Putzinstitut & Co.

I am very satisfied with your services and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the pleasant cooperation.

Still had a credit balance with quitt. I have requested this by e-mail. Was transferred within 24 hours. This is called service!

quitt is very helpful if you as an employer do not want to take on the administrative work (and thus all the paperwork and communication with the authorities involved) yourself. quitt draws up a written model contract, the monthly pay slips, the annual salary statement, the certificate of interim earnings (for the Regional Employment Centre) and also provides a cost overview for employers – so you have full control over your expenses. The online portal can be accessed at any time and allows you to regulate your employment relationships anytime and anywhere. If you have any questions about employment issues, the staff at quitt are always very helpful and friendly. The background story of this company is also very exciting and honourable. In any case it is worthwhile to check out the offer of this provider.

Compliance with regulations was never this easy when using help from external people for house works & cleaning 😉
Keep up the good work, good luck!
It would be nice to hear more about the new features and improvements is implementing for its customers.
Thank you! I really appreciate the transparency and security of quitt.
You are doing a great job and it is a very useful service. If I had any questions or got the wrong information, the telephone customer service always helped me very promptly. Keep it up ? Thanks.

Find quitt with all the documents provided helpful and good.
Thanks for this service!

I am glad and relieved to be able to hand over these matters, as I know little about them and am simply not interested in them.

Competent and fast service.

I haven’t been with the company long, but I am massively convinced of the quitt.service. It is shocking how much money cleaning companies earn from the cleaners and customers with an often lousy service. My cleaner has now 10 francs more hourly wage, still better conditions and I pay less without all the administrative effort and hassle. Your system is top and the concept in my opinion forward-looking.

I was so relieved when I “stumbled across” you on the net!
Comprehensive advice.

Started to use quitt 5 years ago. It’s really relaxing when you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Runs like clockwork. Just as it should be. Thanks.

Keep it up. Recommend quitt with pleasure is brilliant! Needs no improvement.

Great service!

Professional! Have their processes under control!

quitt supports exactly where it should. The super service also helps quickly and personally.