Does quitt.ch work for me?

Private employers can use the services of quitt.ch for the insurance and accounting of domestic employees such as cleaners, nannies, babysitters, carers of the elderly, gardeners and private teachers.

An employer who uses the services of quitt.ch is obliged to account and insure all of his or her employees via quitt.ch.

In principle yes, you can use quitt.ch to account your employer-employee relationship with retrospective effect. Authorities may charge you with interest on arrears and additional fees. Depending on the complexity of your case, quitt.ch charges CHF 120,00 per hour for extraordinary expenses. Please contact our customer support as we prefer to analyze each case individually.

It is in the responsibility of the employer to obtain a work permit. quitt.ch only takes care of accident insurance and the correct accounting with the compensation and tax offices. quitt.ch does neither verify work permits nor communicate with the migration office.

Condominium owners and associations can only benefit from the services of quitt.ch by using the so-called simplified billing procedure for private employers with a flat withholding tax rate deduction of five percent (you will find more information about the simplified billing procedure for employers in our glossary). Companies or people who are self-employed cannot use the services of quitt.ch.

No, quitt.ch does not directly employ domestic employees. However, quitt.ch takes care of all the paper work when it comes to hiring domestic help in accordance with legal requirements. In this regard, quitt.ch registers employer-employee relationships with the compensation office and insurances, and if necessary with the cantonal tax office and the pension fund. Moreover, quitt.ch provides private employers with necessary documents such as the contract of employment, monthly pay slips and the wage statement.

As a matter of principle, you are allowed to have your domestic help work at different locations. To avoid problems with accident insurance coverage, we highly recommend you stipulate a separate contract for each location and to mention the place of work in each contract explicitly. Example: Your cleaning lady not only cleans your own home but also your family members’ or holiday home? No problem as long as you take the following two things into consideration:

  1. You remain the official employer even though the activity takes place in a family member’s home.
  2. The nature of the activity remains within the realms of a domestic help (cleaning, light gardening work, care).

Please be aware that your domestic help is not allowed to work in third party households in the context of your employer-employee relationship. You need a licence for the professional hiring of services in order to do that.

How much does it cost?

The Basic subscription is a pure insurance solution and is perfect for all those who prefer to create the work documents and account social security and taxes by themselves. The Basic subscription includes accident insurance and offers you the opportunity to take out additional insurance packages (sick pay insurance, employer defence insurance and household insurance).

The Comfort and Premium subscriptions offer you a comprehensive solution for the correct employment of domestic employees at affordable prices. Apart from taking out insurance we will take care of correctly registering and accounting your employees with the compensation office and – if necessary – the cantonal tax office and the pension fund. Moreover, we will provide you with the contract of employment, the monthly pay slips, the wage statement as well as other documents.

Each employer pays the basic fee once a year – this applies to all our subscriptions. Once it is paid you can account and insure as many employer-employee relationships as you want during a calendar year. An exception to this is our Premium subscription, which includes the correct accounting of a maximum of two employer-employee relationships that are subject to the pension fund and/or the withholding tax. Each additional employer-employee relationship that is subject to the pension fund and/or the withholding tax will be charged with an extra of CHF 290.-. Employer-employee relationships that are neither subject to the pension fund nor the withholding tax will not be charged extra.

Cantonal offices (compensation and tax offices) as well as insurances (Generali and pension fund) register and account employer-employee relationships on the basis of a full calendar year. This requires quitt.ch to carry out a certain amount of tasks – independent from the effective start and length of an employer-employee relationship. The basic fee funds these tasks.

No. If you are already insured you can do without our insurance solution until your policy expires. After that we recommend you change to our attractive solution.

How can I use my membership?

In your quitt.ch account you can easily manage your employer-employee relationships. As soon as you have registered and set up an employer-employee relationship, you can download the contract of employment and other documents such as the monthly pay slips or the wage statement or enter the amount of hours worked. You can top up your quitt.ch account at any time given via online banking or by means of an inpayment slip to pay your basic fee. quitt.ch will use this money to make sure your domestic help is correctly insured and pay the necessary social security contributions (AHV/EO/IV) as well as the withholding tax. On request, quitt.ch will also take care of the wage payments to your employees. The amounts due and the respective due dates are displayed in the balance of your quitt.ch account.

You can top up your quitt.ch account at any time given via online banking or by means of an inpayment slip. You will find our bank details and instructions on how to order inpayment slips in your quitt.ch account under «Payments».

What can I do if something happens?

An accident of your domestic help has to be reported to both the accident insurance and us immediately. Please contact us per e-mail or by phone. We will clarify if your case is considered a trifle or a notification of claim and send you the respective form.

For customers with a Comfort or Premium subscription, quitt.ch takes care of all correspondence that arises from their employer-employee relationship. Should you be contacted by the authorities anyhow, just forward the letter to us by post or via e-mail.

Please contact our support to apply for family supplements. We will help you to fill in the necessary documents.

How can I terminate my membership?

Normally, the quitt.ch membership is renewed automatically. However, Comfort or Premium subscriptions will only be renewed automatically in case they have at least one active employer-employee relationship in their quitt.ch account on December 31st of the running calendar year. Basic subscriptions will only be renewed automatically if no notice of termination has been given in the quitt.ch account by December 31st of the running calendar year. Any quitt.ch subscription can be terminated directly in your quitt.ch account to the end of each calendar year before the 31st of December.

You can liquidate your quitt.ch account at any time given. We will transfer the residual amount the next workday to your bank or post account. Access your quitt.ch account, select «Payments» and click on «Liquidate account».

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What is the meaning of all these terms?

With quitt.ch you don’t need to know all these terms – we will do the work for you. If you still wish to learn about all them, you are welcome to browse through our employer fundamentals where we explain the most important terms.