Hire and insure domestic help correctly
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Complete payroll including expenses
Register cleaning help, gardener, child or senior care in 5 minutes
We take over all authority and insurance processes

quitt includes everything private employers need

Registration with all involved authorities
Conclusion of the compulsory accident insurance
Legally correct employment contract
Settlement of all social security contributions, taxes and insurance premiums
Monthly and annual salary statements
Personal customer support and practical templates

How the chèque service quitt works


Find domestic help

Decide on a domestic helper of your choice.


Register with quitt

Register yourself and your private worker with quitt.


Create contract

Define the details such as the workload and salary.


Enjoy free time

Enjoy your free time and a correct and fair working relationship.

Fair employment at fair prices

The costs for our subscriptions are per calendar year. This means that the costs cover the period from 01.01. to 31.12. of the concluded year. The reason for this is the billing with the authorities, which takes place per calendar year. Read more.


per calendar year

Commissions (max. 129/month)

  • Maximum flexibility
  • For short working conditions



per calendar year


  • The best seller
  • Monthly salary under 1'450 CHF



per calendar year


  • The flat rate
  • Monthly salary over 1'450 CHF


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The best arguments for choosing quitt

The best arguments for choosing quitt


Based on your information, quitt will know what you need. We decide with which authorities we have to register you and which social security contributions you have to pay as a result of your employment. quitt ensures that your employment is managed professionally and socially just.

Compliant with the law and up-to-date

No stress with changes in the law – quitt remains up-to-date for you! Every year, we revise all rates of our partners, compensation offices and authorities in all Cantons!

All from one source

Instead of communicating with many different authorities, you only communicate with quitt or conveniently log in to your personal customer area. In addition to practical templates, you will find all the necessary information and documents concerning your employment.

Sit back and relax

quitt takes care of all your paperwork and communicates with all relevant authorities: Registers, accounts, pays your bills and supports you in all aspects of your employment. Other providers may tell you what to do but only quitt actually does it for you so that you can sit back and relax!


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Any questions?

quitt has three rates: StartComfort and Flat. Which model is the best fit for your needs depends on the workload and salary of your domestic employee in the current calendar year.

Price overview

Help me choose a rate

By the way, commissions of cleaning companies are, on average, 600% higher than quitt’s. Read more

In addition to the mandatory accident insurance, the following insurances can be taken out optionally and exclusively via quitt:

  • Daily sickness benefits insurance
  • Household comprehensive insurance
  • Employer’s legal protection insurance

More about our exclusive insurances

The accident, daily sickness benefits and comprehensive household insurance are offered together with Baloise Insurance; the employer’s legal protection insurance with TCS Assista.

More about our partners

quitt receives a power of attorney from each employer to represent them before the authorities. Employers as well as employees benefit from correct registration, declaration, accounting and payment with all parties involved:

  • All 26 cantonal compensation offices
  • Mandatory accident insurance
  • Exclusive supplementary insurances
  • Pension fund
  • Withholding tax offices

Cooperation partners

quitt generates all necessary documents:

  • Employment contract
  • Monthly salary statements
  • Annual wage statement
  • Cost overview
  • Payroll journal
  • Certificate of interim earnings
  • Employer’s certificate
  • Confirmation of insurance
  • Termination letter
  • Job reference
  • Key receipt
  • Cleaning checklist

quitt informs, mutates and processes:

  • Damage report to insurance company
  • Maternity compensation
  • Application and payment of child allowances
  • Change of canton
  • Name change and marriage

The quitt service in detail

Correct employment = old-age and accident coverage. Domestic helpers hired with the help of quitt are insured and benefit from correctly paid social security contributions. Hence, they are covered in old age and in the event of accidents. In addition, quitt provides a digital overview of the employment relationships, all labor documents and creates a legally compliant employment contract for you and your worker.

Low costs = Fair wages. Compared to being employed through a cleaning agency, the wages paid out to a private worker employed through quitt are on average 50% higher. You determine the wage together with your housekeeper, which makes it as transparent as possible for both parties. Do you need assistance in determining a fair wage?

Fair wage cleaning aids

Fair wage childcare

Comparison cleaning company to quitt

Legal employment = part of society. Can you imagine your employer not insuring you or not correctly paying your social security contributions? quitt’s clients want to hire their private workers as fairly and correctly as they expect it from their own employer too.

Our vision = All domestic workers are legally employed and insured. In Switzerland, every private employer is required by law to insure their domestic help and register them with the authorities. Nevertheless, thousands of people in Switzerland work illegally and without insurance coverage – they pay neither social security contributions nor taxes. With quitt’s help, make your contribution in the fight against undeclared work in Switzerland.

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