Portrait of cleaner Karen Joy Schneuwyl: „quitt is a fair solution for me“.

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  • Lilly Barak

Karen Joy Schneuwyl (54) comes from Jamaica and lives in Zurich. The woman with Swiss passport speaks fluent English and French and works temporarily as a cleaner. She receives fair wages from quitt.employers.

The Corona crisis has thrown a spanner in the works for Karen Joy Schneuwyl: “I gained work experience in the kitchen at an asylum centre for six months. But my German wasn’t good enough and the Corona crisis led to the temporary closure of the kitchen. I lost my job.” To earn a living, she then took jobs as a room cleaner. Schneuwly, who is married, says: “I did on-call cleaning for the Batmaid company. But that job was too stressful for me and I hardly had time to take a breath.” With employers who manage their employment with the help of the quitt.all-round service, she feels much less time pressure and receives “fair wages”.

“Recommended the quitt.all-round service to others”.
Karen Joy Schneuwyl did not discover the quitt.all-round service herself: “A Swedish couple from Dübendorf suggested that I use quitt to administer my employment in their household.” This solution was interesting for her: “quitt is a fair solution for me. With it, my employment contract and insurance and social deductions are correct and my employer receives support with questions about the employment relationship. I can also find out about my contract and salary payments online.” She has therefore recommended the quitt.all-round service to other cleaning assistants and employers.