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We customize our quitt service to your individual needs.

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Registration with all involved authorities

As a private employer who employs a domestic help you are required to settle social security contributions with the Cantonal compensation office. quitt automatically registers the employer and employee with the relevant authority and decides which accounting procedure is to be used on the basis of the information provided.

The income of foreign employees is subject to withholding tax. Based on a few questions, quitt determines whether your domestic help is subject to withholding tax. If this is the case, quitt will automatically register your domestic help with the relevant cantonal tax authority and convey all necessary information on the employee’s employment and life situation to this authority.

For employment relationships with a gross salary above CHF 1’837.50 per month or CHF 22’050 per year, employers are required to register their employees with a pension fund for the occupational pension provision (BVG/2nd pillar). quitt collaborates with the pension fund Valitas Compacta for this purpose. If the salary exceeds the BVG limit, quitt will automatically register your employee with Valitas Compacta.

quitt will take care of all communication and correspondence with the above-mentioned authorities on your behalf.

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Taking out compulsory accident insurance

All employees in Switzerland must be insured by their employer against accidents (OAI). Non-occupational accident insurance (NOAI) also becomes compulsory for employees who work at least 8 hours a week or more. The employer bears the costs for the OAI, while the employee carries the costs for the NOAI.

quitt will take out this compulsory insurance for every private domestic help on your behalf with Baloise Insurance. From the third day after the day of an accident, the AI continues to pay 80% of the gross salary. If damage occurs, quitt will take care of damage management, communicate with the insurance partners and ensure the payment of possible daily allowances.

The insurance premium OAI is currently 0.5% of the gross salary, but at least CHF 8.35 per employer and month. The NOAI insurance premium is 1.6% of the gross salary, but at least CHF 8.35 per employee and month. quitt automatically calculates the premiums within the framework of the monthly payroll.

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Monthly pay slip and annual wage statement

Based on your individual details, quitt will provide you with a correct pay slip and an overview of the employer costs in your account for each employment.

Based on the gross salary, the mandatory social contributions AHV, IV, EO, ALV and FAK are calculated. If your employee is subject to withholding tax or is registered with the pension fund Valitas Compacta, withholding tax rates and saving contributions are also shown on the pay slip.

In addition, the insurance premiums for accident insurance, possibly non-occupational accident insurance and selected complementary insurances are included in your pay slip. If insurance benefits (daily allowances), family supplements or maternity compensation are paid out, these payments are taken into account by quitt in the corresponding pay slips.

The wage statement certifies the employee’s paid salary as well as all wage deductions, saving contributions and possible expenses. The form can be downloaded by employers in the client area and must be submitted by the employee with the annual tax declaration.

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Legally correct employment contract

By answering a few simple questions, you can create an employment contract online for the employment in your household. Mandatory regulations of the Cantonal normal employment contracts are taken into account.

The employment contract is available to you as a PDF download – you are free to use it and adapt it to your individual needs.

Based on the information provided, quitt calculates the exact labour cost and configures your personal my.quitt account.

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Accounting of all social security contributions, taxes and insurance premiums

quitt declares all settled gross salaries per calendar year for each employer in January of the following year to the following institutions:

  • Social contributions with the Cantonal compensation offices
  • Withholding tax with the Cantonal tax authority
  • Savings contributions with the pension fund Valitas Compacta
  • Insurance premiums with Baloise Insurance

Subsequently, quitt pays all relevant invoices from these institutions, clarifies potential deviations and ensures that all legal requirements are met.

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Personal customer support and practical templates

In case of questions or doubts, it is up to you to decide how you would like to contact us. Our customer service is available by e-mail at [email protected].

Answers to the most frequently asked questions can also be found in our FAQ section, while further background information is available from the employer ABC. In your personal client area you will also find practical templates for your employment, e.g. letters of termination, certificates and key receipts.

Our extra insurances

Sick pay insurance

This insurance covers your obligation to continue to pay wages and protects your employee against loss of earnings in the event of illness. In the event of illness, 80% of the salary is paid for a maximum of 2 years after a waiting period of 30 days.

What does this insurance cost?

  • One-time service fee: CHF 49.00 per calendar year.
  • Plus insurance premium of 2.0% of the billed gross salary.
  • The insurance premium will be paid 50% by the employer and 50% by the employee.
Insurance conditions

Household insurance

This insurance covers all damage to household effects incurred by your domestic help during the work activity. Household effects include movable items such as furniture and electronic equipment (thought support: items taken with you when you move). Stairs, doors, floors or permanently anchored furniture are considered building components and are not included in the coverage. Per event, the costs for repair or replacement are reimbursed up to a maximum of CHF 3’000, but not exceeding the replacement value. The deductible per loss event is CHF 50.00.

What does this insurance cost?

  • One-time service fee: CHF 19.00 per calendar year.
  • Plus insurance premium of 0.9% of the billed gross salary.
Insurance conditions

Employer defence insurance

This insurance covers lawyer and court costs of up to CHF 100’000 per case. There is no minimal value of claim, no participation and no waiting period. This insurance is taken out per employer.

What does this insurance cost?

  • One-time insurance fee: CHF 35.00 per calendar year.
  • Plus a premium of 0.6% of the billed gross salary.
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