Your work
will pay off.

Fair employer-employee relationships thanks to helps your employer make sure that your employer-employee relationship is fair. You can learn more about the importance of a fair employer-employee relationship and how to support your employer in this endeavour here.

Your benefits

Your Work Will Pay Off

Your work will pay off

No matter if cleaner, nanny or carer for the elderly – you will earn more. With you will be directly employed by your employer and won’t have to pay any commission to a cleaning or placement agency.

Keep Track

Keep track

In your account you will see all your employer-employee relationships in the overview and be able to keep track of your hours worked.

With Certainty Insured Against Accidents

With certainty insured against accidents

Employers that employ you via insure you against accidents. If you get injured while at work, medical costs and the continued payment of wages will be covered.

Socially Insured – Today And Tomorrow

Socially insured – today and tomorrow

Make sure that you are insured against unemployment and disability and that you will receive an old age pension (AHV) when you reach retirement age.

Full Support In Case Of Questions

Full support in case of questions

If you have questions about your employer-employee relationship do not hesitate to contact our competent support team.

Talk about your employer-employee relationship with your employer card bestellen

Insist on a correct employer-employee relationship.

It is important that your employer correctly registers you with social security (AHV/IV/EO/ALV) and insures you against accidents. can carry out these tasks for your employer. 

This is how it works

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Set up your free personal account. We will mail you a Card with your personal ID.

Show Your Card

Show your Card

…to your employer and explain him that insuring and keeping accounts of your employer-employee relationship with means almost no work for him.

Your Work Will Pay Off

Your work will pay off

With you will be better off – not only will you be correctly employed but you will also earn more!