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Insist on a legal employer-employee relationship.

quitt. supports you and your employers in the correct accounting and insurance of your employment. Learn more about your advantages if your employer hires you via quitt. (ServiceHunter AG).

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Fair working conditions in the household thanks to quitt.

It is important that your employer registers you with social security (AHV/IV/EO/ALV), takes out compulsory accident insurance for you and correctly accounts for the hours you have worked. quitt. (ServiceHunter AG) takes on these tasks for your employer.

Make it easy for your employer to register with quitt. and provide him with all the necessary information. Register here as an employee and you will receive a free quitt. number, which you can hand over to your employer.

This is how it works

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Register online with quitt.

Create your personal quitt. account for free in just a few minutes. After registration you will receive your quitt. number.

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Inform your employer

…that the accounting and insurance of your employer-employee relationship means hardly any effort for him/her thanks to quitt. Tell your employer your quitt. number.

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Your employment at a glance

Download the current pay slips in your quitt.
account every month. Manage your personal
details independently.

Your advantages

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Socially insured – today and tomorrow

With quitt. you can be sure that you are correctly insured against unemployment and disability and receive an AHV pension at retirement age.

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Fully insured against accidents

Employers who employ you via quitt. insure you against accidents. If you injure yourself at work, medical costs are covered and continued payment of wages is guaranteed.

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Support in case of questions

Our support team will be happy to answer any questions you and your employer may have about your employer-employee relationship.

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Keep the overview

In your quitt. account you always have an overview of your employer-employee relationships and the hours you have worked. You can download your pay slips at any time.

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Your work pays off

No matter if cleaner, nanny or carer of the elderly – thanks to a direct employment you usually receive more pay than through a cleaning or placement agency.

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Find more employers

Receive non-binding inquiries from potential new employers in your area. This offer is for you – like all services from quitt. – completely free of charge!