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Join us in going global with quitt, becoming the No. 1 managed payroll solution for small businesses and on our mission for fair employment. 

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Buying quitt shares is easy. Download the Aktionariat app on your smartphone or tablet and create a digital wallet. This will enable you to buy (and sell) shares via bank transfer or digital currencies like Ethereum or XCHF. The offer is limited to 100’000 out of 1’900’000 shares.

Important Notices: Public offering is only open to persons domiciled in Switzerland and in the EEA: This offering to purchase the shares is only open to persons domiciled or resident in Switzerland or in the EEA. Persons from other countries are expressly excluded and it is prohibited to distribute this offering in any way in such countries. The offering is limited in Switzerland to a total CHF 8,000,000 and in the EEA to a total of €100,000. No guarantee regarding forecasts: This website contains forward-looking statements and forecasts relating to the future development of the company and its business. These forecasts are estimates that we have made on the basis of all the information available to us at the present time. Should the assumptions underlying these forecasts fail to occur or if risks should materialize, then actual developments and outcomes might deviate from current forecasts. No investment advice or recommendation: This website contains general information on the offering. This information does not constitute any replacement for financial advice based on the investor’s individual circumstances and knowledge. Each person has sole responsibility for seeking the advice of qualified experts in order to assess the suitability of the offering and the associated risks for his or her own financial situation, as well as the tax consequences of potential participation in the offering. Risks: An investment in shares is associated with various risks, and losses up to the entire investment amount may occur

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Conclusion of the compulsory accident insurance
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Continuous growth

quitt has been profitable since 2015 and is growing continuously. In 2022, quitt processed 75 million CHF in salaries and contributions for its’ customers.


Reliable and predictable turnover through subscriptions

quitt’s Software as a Service (SasS) is available in three flexible tariffs. This results in a reliable and predictable, annually recurring revenue (ARR).

  • ARR 2020: 2’645’000
  • ARR 2021: 3’078’000
  • ARR 2021: 3’623’000
  • Current ARR: 3’922’000

Customers love quitt
and spread the word

Most customers find quitt through referrals – from friends, relatives, and employees who explicitly want to be hired through quitt. It is the best marketing we could wish for. In business terms, quitt’s customer acquisition costs (CAC) are very low.


Customers value our service, stay and come back

Once quitt, always quitt. As long as our customers employ domestic help, they stay with quitt and after a period without domestic help, our customers come back. This results in a very high and steady renewal rate.


B2B, here we come!

We have launched quitt Business, the simple and intuitive managed payroll service for small businesses – with our highly scalable software, we’re entering a whole new market.

More about quitt Business


Grüezi, Moin 👋

There are over 3.5 million households with domestic helpers in Germany. They all deserve fair and correct employment. That’s why quitt Deutschland GmbH has been founded in mid-2022. With an office and team in Munich.



Our Partners for fair employment

Do you have any questions?

ServiceHunter AG is our company and legal entity.

  • quitt is one of our brands and the Swiss No. 1 for the registration and management of domestic help in private households. The service will be launched in two other European countries in 2022.
  • quitt Business, our second brand, will be launching in Switzerland in 2022. With our highly scalable software and proven track record, we aim at becoming the No. 1 managed payroll solution for small businesses.

Both brands are registered trademarks and belong to ServiceHunter AG.

As an investor of ServiceHunter AG you participate in all the above developments.

More about ServiceHunter AG

Yes, you get real shares with full voting rights and no holding period. quitt has only one class of shares. Founders, employees & investors – everyone gets the same shares.

To enjoy shareholder privileges such as voting rights, you must register in our shareholders’ register. You can do so within the Aktionariat app.

Yes, quitt has a shareholders’ agreement. It basically says that ServiceHunter AG has the right to force its shareholders to sell their shares if 75% of all shareholders want to sell. This so-called “squeeze-out clause” prevents a small shareholder from blocking the sale to a buyer who wants to buy 100% of ServiceHunter AG. In the event of a sale, all shareholders will of course receive the same price for their shares.

Take me to the agreement 

You can trade ServiceHunter AG shares anytime in the Aktionariat app.

The entity selling to or buying from you is always ServiceHunter AG itself.

In this exclusive offer of 100’000 shares, to be sold from the 30th of march, the main shareholders have mutually agreed to contribute some shares.

Aktionariat AG does not charge any transaction fees. The app is also free of charge.

However, the technology is based on Ethereum and these transactions come with a fee in exchange for the computing resources to execute them.

Today, only 230 out of more than 500′000 Swiss companies are publicly traded on the stock market. Aktionariat AG provides a platform for issuing, managing and trading shares based on blockchain technology, thus enabling a direct market between non publicly traded companies and their investors.

The Aktionariat AG platform is the official exchange for ServiceHunter AG | quitt shares.

Find out more about Aktionariat AG 

If you have any further questions regarding the purchase of ServiceHunter AG | quitt shares please get in touch: [email protected]

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ServiceHunter AG


Birmensdorferstrasse 94

ZIP / place

8003 Zürich

Legal form




Incorporation date





BDO AG, 5001 Aarau

Commercial register entry


CEO, since 2017

Marie-Christin Kamann
Previously CEO of (IPO as
Master of business administration (lic.oec. HSG); D.E.A Paris Dauphine.

CTO, since 2018

Arman Margaryan
Worked at Pokerstars in Silicon Valley and Ireland. Moved to Switzerland for quitt.
CEO of Factumsoft Corp. & Margasoft Corp. MS in Cybernetics and Control Systems.

CMO & Growth, since 2019

David Christen
Entrepreneur. Student of physics & law. Founder of quitt. Operationally back since 2019.
HSG LDP with Exec. Dipl. (Scholarship by E. Göhner Foundation); HBS Global Business.