Our Story

Cleaners, babysitters and tutors – they all do valuable work for us. Up until now, it has been very time-consuming to correctly register these employment relationships and carry out the relevant ongoing administration. Because we have experience of this at first hand, we wanted to offer others a simple and fast solution to this problem – one that makes life easier for employers and allows employees to have a fair employment relationship. So both sides are quits! We hope that, in doing so, we can contribute to the reduction of illegal employment in Switzerland.

The Team

Our Support-Team

quitt.ch Flavia da Costa

Flavia da Costa

quitt.ch Sofia Fernandes

Sofia Fernandes

quitt.ch Fernando Giudice

Fernando Giudice

quitt.ch Corsin Hohl

Corsin Hohl

quitt.ch Emmanuelle Kingué

Emmanuelle Kingué

quitt.ch Eliane Kopp

Eliane Kopp

quitt.ch Nadia Monnier

Nadia Monnier

quitt.ch Mona Pauli

Mona Pauli

quitt.ch Sara Salvi

Sara Salvi

Our Marketing & Business Development-Team

quitt.ch Till Graf

Till Graf
Online Marketing

quitt.ch Stefanie Graner

Stefanie Graner
UX & Service Designer

quitt.ch Amanda Sauter

Amanda Sauter
Webmaster & Graphic Designer

quitt.ch Fabienne Schmidli

Fabienne Schmidli
Content Managerin

Our Software-Team

quitt.ch Simon Büchel

Simon Büchel
Software Engineer

quitt.ch Zachary Garnier

Zachary Garnier
Software Engineer

quitt.ch Alejandro Nuñez

Alejandro Nuñez
Junior Software Engineer

quitt.ch Coming Sooncoming soon

Lars Bünger
Head of Finance & Controlling

Our Executive Board

quitt.ch Marie-Christin Kamann

Marie-Christin Kamann

quitt.ch Patrick Meade

Patrick Meade

quitt.ch Coming Sooncoming soon

Tudor Zaharia

Our board of directors

quitt.ch Thomas Dübendorfer

Thomas Dübendorfer

quitt.ch Luzius Meissner

Luzius Meisser

quitt.ch Coming Sooncoming soon

David Christen