Work certificate for your domestic help in a few minutes

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  • Lilly Barak

If your domestic help asks you for a work certificate, many questions may arise. What must it contain? How do I ensure that I comply with all legal requirements? These and other questions may be of concern to you, especially if you have never written a work certificate before.

According to the law (Art. 330a CO), the employee can demand a work certificate from the employer at any time. The certificate may be issued during the employer-employee relationship in the form of an interim certificate or at the end of the employment as a final certificate. Consequently, the domestic help employed is entitled to a work certificate at any time, even if it is only an interim report. However, writing such a certificate can be very time-consuming and tedious. Of course, we are happy to support you.

Only one click away from the work certificate

With just one click you can download the work certificate template from quitt and quickly and easily adapt it to your personal employer-employee relationship. If you are satisfied with the work performed by your domestic help and would also like to issue a correspondingly good certificate, you can adopt our default text. All you have to do is enter the personal details of your domestic help, sign them and you’re done.

Your legally correct work certificate

With quitt’s work certificate template you not only save a lot of time, you are also on the legally correct side. Our template contains all the basic legal elements that you would otherwise have to laboriously gather together. According to Art. 330a of the Swiss Code of Obligations, a work certificate must provide information about the type and duration of the employer-employee relationship and about the employee’s performance and conduct. More precisely, a good certificate should contain the following information:

  • Identity of the employee and employer
  • Title (e.g. work certificate, interim report)
  • Start and end of the employer-employee relationship
  • Job title
  • Tasks
  • Overall assessment of work performance
  • Conduct (towards you as an employer)
  • Conclusions (thanks to the domestic help, reason for dismissal)
  • Date of issue and a valid signature of the employer

Download the template now and relax

With our template, you do not have to spend unnecessary time drawing up a work certificate. At the same time, your domestic help will thank you if she/he does not have to wait long to receive the certificate.

Download the template for your personal work certificate now, adapt it to your needs and sit back and relax.

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