The No. 1 to legally register and administrate your domestic help.

quitt. takes care of the registration, payroll accounting and insurance of your cleaning lady, nanny or care of the elderly.

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Die Schweizer Nr. 1 im Anstellen von Haushaltshilfen

The quitt.Service includes everything you need


Registration with all involved authorities


Completion of compulsory accident insurance

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Legally correct employment contract


Monthly pay slips and annual salary statement


Accounting of all social security contributions, taxes and insurance premiums


Personal customer support and practical templates

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Maximum flexibility

Service fee


+ 8% commission

of the gross salary

No sevice charge
No minimum duration
Maximum flexibility

Min. 29 CHF / Max. 129 CHF
for each month billed

Recommended for:

mid-year entry
short-term employment relationships


Our bestseller

Service fee per calendar year

120 CHF

+ 5% commission

of the gross salary

All advantages
Low price
Little commission

Recommended for:

Employer-employee relationships with a
monthly salary < 1’450 CHF or
yearly salary < 17’400 CHF


Best value for money

Service fee per calendar year

990 CHF

+0 commission

of the gross salary

All-round carefree
Thanks to fixed price
Without commission

Recommended for:

Employer-employee relationships with a
monthly salary < 1’450 CHF or
yearly salary < 17’400 CHF

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Care for the elderly

More safety with the quitt.insurances

As part of your registration for the quitt.service, you can add the desired complementary insurance

In contrast to accident insurance, taking out daily sickness benefit insurance is voluntary. However, as an employer you are obliged by law to continue to pay your wages.

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As a rule, damages arising from work activities are excluded from the employee’s private liability insurance. This insurance closes this gap.

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As a rule, legal disputes involving you as a private employer are not covered by private legal expenses insurance. This insurance covers this gap and protects you comprehensively in labour disputes with your employees.

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The best arguments for choosing quitt.



Based on your information, quitt. will know what you need. We decide with which authorities we have to register you and which social security contributions you have to pay as a result of your employment. quitt. ensures that your employment is managed professionally and socially just.


Sit back and relax

quitt. takes care of all your paperwork and communicates with all relevant authorities: Registers, accounts, pays your bills and supports you in all aspects of your employment. Other providers may tell you what to do but only quitt. actually does it for you so that you can sit back and relax!


Compliant with the law and up-to-date

No stress with changes in the law – quitt. remains up-to-date for you! Every year, we revise all rates of our partners, compensation offices and authorities in all Cantons!


Everything from a single source

Instead of having to deal with multiple authorities, you can now talk solely to quitt. or log conveniently into your personal client area. In addition to practical templates, you will find all the necessary information and documents concerning your employment.