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quitt. offers employers the most comprehensive service

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  • Liam Pichler

Several companies advertise that they take care of the correct employment of domestic help from A to Z. However, those who use their services realise that the employer still has to do a lot of the paperwork himself. At quitt. we take care of all the paperwork for you at an affordable price.

That’s what it’s about

  • Companies like Klara Business AG (“”), Lemonfrog AG (“”) and Payrollplus AG (“”) promise customers a great service for hiring domestic help in private households. The fact is: customers have to do a lot of paperwork themselves.
  • At quitt. we take care of this for you. quitt. not only takes care of the AHV registration and salary payment, but also the settlement of withholding taxes and social security contributions. If required, quitt. also takes care of registering the domestic helper(s) with a pension fund and also handles the payment of insurance benefits from A to Z.

This is how the different services differ

  • With Klara and Fairboss, employers must send the signed AHV documents to the competent authority themselves. quitt. takes over this registration and billing process from A to Z with a power of attorney from the client.
  • Klara does not make the wage payments to your home help(s) itself. A Klara customer must therefore record and trigger the payments themselves. quitt. also makes the payments to the home help(s).
  • If a domestic helper earns more than CHF 21,510 per year, the employer must register his domestic helper with a pension fund. quitt. automatically registers employees with the PK-AETAS pension fund as soon as their salary exceeds the statutory income threshold.
  • Klara only supports the ordinary accounting procedure. The simplified procedure to combat undeclared work, in which withholding tax of 5 per cent is also deducted from Swiss nationals and foreigners with a C residence permit, cannot be used with Klara. quitt., on the other hand, takes over the settlement of withholding tax from A to Z and supports both settlement procedures provided for by law.
  • If the person to be hired resides abroad, Fairboss cannot support its clients, for example – quitt. however, can. quitt. also takes over the settlement of withholding tax for foreign employees.
  • At Fairboss, you cannot take out compulsory accident insurance for your domestic help directly online. With quitt., on the other hand, accident insurance can be taken out at the click of a mouse.

The quitt.all-round service compared to the competition

Services quitt. Fairboss Klara Payrollplus
AHV registration from A to Z
Pension fund registration by service provider
Online conclusion of compulsory accident insurance
Payment of insurance benefits (daily allowances, family allowances or maternity benefits)
Payment of wages by service providers
Online placement of cleaning staff

Further plus points with quitt.:

  • quitt.domestic helpers receive more net pay thanks to low quitt.commissions.
  • quitt. hires domestic help such as caregivers, nannies, garden staff and cleaning staff. Other providers only offer the employment of cleaning staff.
  • quitt. offers, in contrast to cleaning institutes, the free choice of a domestic helper. You continue to employ the domestic help you are familiar with.
  • quitt. allows the free determination of the wage for a domestic helper.

Conclusion: With quitt. an employer saves a lot of effort and nerves. They can also determine the employment conditions of their domestic help(s) themselves. All the necessary formalities are taken care of by quitt. – all the paperwork is done away with!