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How to employ a nanny in Switzerland?

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  • Lilly Barak

Employing a nanny in Switzerland is becoming an increasingly popular option of private child care for families. This applies for Swiss citizens as well as expats. We outline the essential factors you need to take into consideration when employing a nanny in Switzerland.

First of all, families who decide to employ a nanny in Switzerland will become an employer by Swiss Law. This is the first and most noteworthy fact. Because of that the nanny must be registered correctly. But let’s start from the beginning.

Does your nanny have a valid work permit?

Before you can register your nanny correctly, make sure your she has a valid work permit for Switzerland. If your nanny is not Swiss but from the EU, you can easily apply for a work permit for her. This process usually does not take very long and is rather simply. If your Nanny is from a third party state outside of the EU it gets a lot trickier.

Social security contributions

Next step is to register your nanny with the AHV (AVS in English) at the canton of your residence. Furthermore, social security contributions must be paid. They are split between the employer (family) and the employee (nanny). In case of the nanny, the social security contributions are deducted from her salary. The compulsory social contributions in Switzerland include:

  • Disability Insurance (IV)
  • Unemployment Insurance (ALV)
  • Family Equalization Fund (FAK)
  • Compensation for a loss of earned income during civil service, military service, community service or maternity

What insurances does a nanny need in Switzerland?

As an employer, you need to take out the compulsory accident insurance (UVG) for your nanny. There are two kinds of accident insurances in Switzerland:

  • The occupational accident insurance which premium is paid entirely by the employer.
  • And the non-occupational accident insurance is for nannys in Switzerland who work more than 8 hours a week. The monthly premium is equally shared between the employer and the employee.

In addition to the compulsory accident insurances there are a few more insurances worthwhile having a look at. These include: The daily sickness allowance, the household insurance and the employers’ legal protection insurance. Find out more about these insurances here:

Pensions payments and fund (BVG) for a nanny

In case your nanny earns more than CHF 1’777.50 gross a month or CHF 21’330 a year, she will have to be registered with a pension fund – the second pillar of the Swiss occupation plans. The second pillar pension must be taken out by the employer. The monthly premium is paid equally by the employer and the nanny (and will be deducted straight from the salary).

How much to pay your nanny in Switzerland?

These wage recommendations are all indicated as gross wages. Therefore, the total amount before social contributions and taxes are deducted. We recommend:

  • Between CHF 3’450 to 3’800 per month (42 hours week) without vocational training
  • Between CHF 3’800 to 4’800 per month (42 hours week) with proven professional skills and experience

Read more about fair wages for nannys including more detailed information, regional differences and the latest figures on minimal wages for household staff in Switzerland here.

Live–in nanny or own accommodation?

Generally speaking, many nannies are so-called live-in nannies. The nanny lives with the family. Consequently, boarding and lodging are provided by the family. In Switzerland these expenses are referred to as wages in kind and amount to 990 CHF. They are part of the total gross wage of the nanny. One of the reasons why live-in nannys are preferred is the higher flexibility. Child care is provided around the clock.

Additional information

We would also recommend you to draw up a legally-compliant employment contract. In case you register your nanny via, your employment contract will be generated automatically as well as the nanny’s payroll statement and pay slips.

Would you like to employ your nanny but you dread all the paper and administrative work? will take care of it for you!



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  1. Please make sure your research is up to date regarding wages.

    There are more factors involved than just ‘experienced’ and ‘inexperienced’. You have to factor in education, how many years of said experience, up to date training etc.

    The average wage of an +5-10 years experienced Nanny is 30-35chf in Zurich, this is giving families false information when researching what to pay their nanny.

    Kind regards

  2. Hello, I am a Canadian living in France. I’m 31 years old. And got a job offer in Switzerland for a nanny position. I as well will be finishing school online. Wondering how to go about working in Switzerland legally.

    Thank you!

    1. Hello Natasha

      If you have a job offer, your employer is responsible for ensuring that you are properly registered in Switzerland.

      We hope that we have been able to answer your question.

      Your team

  3. Thank you. Just a clarification, when you say subject to withholding tax you mean the nanny still pays it but its withhled from the salary, right? She is not exempt of tax I guess.

    1. Every employee in Switzerland is liable to pay taxes. So, if your nanny isn’t a Swiss citizen or has a C permit, she is obliged to pay withholding tax, for which you as her employer are responsible to declare this correctly.

      With our service hiring and insuring your domestic help is easily made. Please check out our website for further information.

      No matter if cleaner, nanny or carer of the elderly – will make sure that you comply with all legal regulations as an employer. Become a customer today so that you can sit back and relax.

      We hope this answers your question.
      Your team

  4. you mentiond the AVS and other social contribution. what about communal, cantonal and federal tax?

    1. Dear Julia

      Thank you for your request. 
      If the nanny is subject to withholding tax, she does not have to pay communal, cantonal or federal taxes. However, if the nanny is not subject to source tax, declaration and payment of taxes on her wage is within her own responsibility.
      We hope this answers your question.
      Your team

  5. Hello i was an aupair in Switzerland last year and currently working as au pair in germany . i would like to apply as nanny here in Switzerland if i could . . please send me some information thank you

    greetings from Jesale albaracin.

    1. Hi Jesale. We are happy to read that you are thinking of returning to Switzerland to work as an aupair. At we take care of the registration, book keeping and the insurances for you as an employee. However, we can not help you find an employer as it is not part of our service. But we would recommend you to go to our partner Rockymybaby where you can apply for a job as an aupair or nanny in Switzerland.

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