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Why protecting yourself against damages to household goods caused by your domestic help is a good idea.

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  • Liam Pichler

A brief moment of carelessness and the dog of the nanny wets the brand new carpet. Who will have to cover the damage? Based on 5 real life cases, we show you why employers should consider protecting themselves against damages to movable household items caused by their domestic help.

Your home is a fragile place. No matter how cautious and attentive your domestic help will be in carrying out the work, the danger of something breaking is ubiquitous. A statement that the following 3 cases will confirm – all of them actually occurred in our clients’ homes.


1st case: The dog and the nanny

Whether you believe it or not, this story wasn’t stolen from some script writer currently working on his latest comedy. Last September, the nanny of one of our clients has arrived on time at 9 am in the morning to babysit the kids until the evening. The nanny brought her maltese dog with her who was supposed to remain inside the apartment during the day. The good old maltese dog actually stayed inside, however decided to leave a urine stain on the brand new carpet before leaving. No matter how hard the employers tried, they couldn’t remove the stain and the smell. The new wool carpet has had it.


2rd case: The blouse and the domestic help

This case might not be as spectacular as the previous ones, but is certainly considered to be a classic. The new, fairly expensive blouse needed to be ironed before being taken out for dinner for the first time. Kind of unfortunate though, if the blouse faces the garbage first before the actual dinner location. Was it an act of carelessness, an important call or just a nice dream? The flatiron remained at the same spot for too long. A burn hole the consequence. The garbage bin became the new home of the expensive blouse.


3th case: The keys

Having lost the house keys must have happened to most or pretty much every one of us at least once in life before. Quite a hassle to be honest but even more annoying when losing the keys to your employer’s home. This is exactly what happened to the domestic help in this client case. Security always comes first, leading to all locks having to be replaced. The cost and time aspects for replacing the locks are quite high. But certainly necessary.


Household insurance: Employer and employee on the safe side

All of the cases mentioned above have two things in common:

  1. Events of damage to movable property in your household caused by domestic helps.
  2. All employers have taken out a household insurance, protecting their household goods against damages caused by employees.

Damage caused by an employee at work is usually not covered by the employee’ private liability insurance. The household insurance fills this gap by protecting the employer’ household effects from potential damage caused by his or her employee(s). The costs of repair or replacement up to a maximum of CHF 3’000, but no more than the reinstatement value, are reimbursed per loss event. The participation per loss event is CHF 50. quitt.. Important: no coverage for theft!

Conclusion: The household insurance is a comfortable solution for everyone who wants to ensure that all goods in the household are covered in an event of damage. On top of that, by taking out a household insurance the employer also protects its employee from facing large costs in an event of damage.

You can take out a household insurance here.

Do you have any questions regarding the household insurance or did you witness a similar case? Do not hesitate to leave a comment below.