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Maternity compensation in a nutshell

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  • Liam Pichler

According to the Swiss Code of Obligations, women are entitled to maternity compensation for 14 weeks (98 days) from the date of birth. This amounts to 80% of the average gross income of the last 12 months up to a maximum of CHF 196 per day. The compensation is subject to social insurance contributions and the costs are borne by the compensation office.

These conditions must be fulfilled by the mother:

  • The mother must have paid social contributions into the AHV for 9 months before the birth of the child
  • Have worked for at least five months during pregnancy
  • Have an existing employment relationship at the time of birth

The application form for maternity compensation is to be filled in by the employer. If you have any questions regarding filling in the application form, quitt. will be happy to assist you.

Here you can download the application form for maternity compensation.

How can maternity compensation be claimed?

The maternity compensation must be applied for, there is no automatic payment.

If the employee has several employers, the application must be made via the main employer with the corresponding supplementary forms filled in by the respective secondary employers.

Are you the main or secondary employer?

The main employer fills in the application form for maternity compensation in advance. As soon as the child is born, the employer sends the form to the employee for completion (a copy of the child’s birth certificate is required). The form is sent directly to quitt. by the employee.

If you are only a secondary employer, simply complete the supplementary form and send it to your employee. The employee completes the documents and submits them directly to the relevant compensation office.

Here you can download the supplementary form.

What happens in the event of illness before childbirth?

If the employee becomes ill before childbirth (pregnancy complaints), the obligation of continued payment of wages applies. You can also find further information on our blog article
«Do I have to pay the full wages when my cleaner is unable to work due to long-term illness?»


Who pays the compensation?

If you are the main employer, you will continue to pay 80% of the salary to your employee during the 14-week period. You will receive a credit note in the amount of the maternity compensation credited to your quitt.account by the responsible compensation office. quitt. will take care of this credit note from the compensation office.

If you are a secondary employer, the employee receives the maternity compensation directly.

Is my domestic help still insured against accidents?

Yes, the accident insurance continues to cover you during the 14 weeks of maternity leave. However, the insurance coverage is only valid for 30 days after the termination of the 14 weeks of official maternity leave. After this period, an interim accident insurance for the mother is recommended in order to be sufficiently insured during an extended maternity leave.

Can I dismiss a mother?

As long as the employee is pregnant and on maternity leave, there is protection against termination.

If you have any further questions in this regard, you are welcome to use the comment function or contact our support directly.