The cheapest accident insurance
for your cleaning lady.

even. – the specialist for legal employment in the household.
Here you can insure your cleaning lady or other household helpers against accidents at the best price.

  • From CHF 45 instead of the usual minimum premium of CHF 100
  • Compulsory accident insurance
  • BU and NBU according to UVG
  • Protection from personal liability

More safety with the quitt.insurances

As part of your registration for the quitt.service, you can add the desired complementary insurance

In contrast to accident insurance, taking out daily sickness benefit insurance is voluntary. However, as an employer you are obliged by law to continue to pay your wages.

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As a rule, damages arising from work activities are excluded from the employee’s private liability insurance. This insurance closes this gap.

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As a rule, legal disputes involving you as a private employer are not covered by private legal expenses insurance. This insurance covers this gap and protects you comprehensively in labour disputes with your employees.

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Your insurance is legally binding as soon as we have received your payment. You pay the basic fee of CHF 45.00 when you conclude the contract by topping up your receipt account. At the end of the year, you declare the actual gross salary, and the remaining premium is debited from your receipt account.

  • Medical expenses (medical treatment, hospital general ward)
  • Continued pay/daily allowance (maximum 80% of insured earnings from the 3rd day after the day of the accident)
  • Disability pension (maximum 80% of insured earnings)
  • Survivor’s pension (maximum 70% if several survivors together)
  • Survivor’s pension (maximum 70% if several survivors together)

We recommend that you sign an employment contract with your employee and provide you with a template for this when you take out our accident insurance. Nevertheless, you will still have to take care of the correct registration and accounting of social insurance with your cantonal compensation office. If you do not want to have anything to do with these administrative duties either, you can register your cleaning lady on quitt.

If there is no daily sickness benefit insurance, the employer must, according to the law (Art. 324a, para. 1OR), pay the employee the full salary for a certain period per year of service in the event of illness, provided the employment relationship has already lasted for more than three months or was entered into for more than three months. In the first year of service, the period of continued salary payment shall be at least three weeks. The continued payment of wages is 100 percent from the first day of illness. From the second year of service onwards, the duration is determined by the continued salary scale.

Yes, I can. Here too, you benefit from our partnership with GENERALI and attractive employer and employee contributions of only 0.75% on gross wages. If your employee is ill for a longer period of time, the insurance will cover the wage payment after 30 days. Your employee will receive 80% of the insured wage from the insurance company for up to two years.

From 8 hours of work per week, you must take out not only occupational accident insurance but also non-occupational accident insurance for your cleaning lady or other domestic help. You can also do this at at unbeatable conditions. recommends a gross wage between CHF 25 and CHF 30 per hour. There is no generally applicable minimum wage in Switzerland. Only for jobs with an average of five hours per week or more with the same employer do the following gross minimum wages per hour apply in accordance with the standard employment contract for employees in domestic work (NAV Hauswirtschaft):

  • Unskilled employees without professional experience:CHF 18.90
  • Trained domestic workers with three years of basic vocational training and a Federal Certificate of Competence (EFZ):CHF 22.85
  • Trained domestic worker with two years of vocational training and a professional certificate (EBA):CHF 20.75 recommends to keep these minimum wages – regardless of the number of hours per week.

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