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Our wage calculator – all expenses for your domestic help at a glance.

  • Updated:
  • Liam Pichler

By using our free wage calculator you can calculate the total wages for your cleaner or domestic help in just a matter of a few minutes including all deductions for social security and the cost for insurance – to decimal precision.

In our last blog post we passed on our recommendations for a fair wage for cleaners. It is of advantage for future, private employers of domestic household staff to get an exact idea of the total cost of employment for each year. Our wage calculator provides a comprehensive calculation, including the cost of the various different insurances, the deduction of the social security contributions, vacation compensations and much more. With a few clicks and some details on your side, you will get a clear overview of all incurring costs.

New also with Source Tax and Pension Fund (BVG)

As our wage calculator is becoming increasingly popular, we have decided to make some finishing touches and supplement it with the following features:

  • Next to the hourly rate (recommended especially for small and irregular employments), the monthly wage (long-term employments) can be calculated as well. In addition, for monthly wages you can also enter wages that are liable to a pension fund registration. In order to do that, you must select the premium subscription option.
  • Another new feature is the possibility to calculate wages which are subject to withholding taxes. An employee has to pay withholding taxes if neither he nor his spouse have a Swiss Citizenship or the residence permit C. For employments which do not require a pension fund registration (BVG) a flat rate of withholding tax amounting to 5% of the gross wages will be deducted. For BVG employments the exact fair will be specified.