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Find domestic help now for free

Find a household help in your area free of charge. quitt also allows you to correctly register, insure and administer your domestic help. Find out more.


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quitt includes everything private employers need

Registration with all involved authorities
Conclusion of the compulsory accident insurance
Legally correct employment contract
Settlement of all social security contributions, taxes and insurance premiums
Monthly and annual salary statements
Personal customer support and practical templates
Cantons covered
Exemplary employers
Created contracts
CHF0Mio. +
Settled payroll

Any questions?

Yes. quitt offers employers and domestic helpers registered with quitt the opportunity to get in touch and enter into an employment relationship free of charge.

Afterwards, we are happy to help employers draw up the employment contract, take care of the AHV registration and insure domestic helpers correctly. Learn more.

quitt has three rates: Start, Comfort and Flat. Which model is best for you depends on how many hours your household help will work for you in the current calendar year.

Price overview

Help with tariff selection

By the way, commissions of cleaning service agencies are on average 600% higher than those of quitt. Learn more.

When registering free of charge with search service, domestic helpers can indicate their wage expectations.

However, the actual wage is a matter of negotiation between the employee and the employer.

Need help determining a fair wage?

What is a fair wage for a cleaning lady?
What is a fair wage for a nanny?

If a contacted home help does not get back to you within a few days, this can have several reasons: Either the person did not read your email message and SMS at all or he/she is not interested in your request. Of course, you can write to other workers free of charge.

With quitt you are the employer of your private worker. We at quitt take over all legal tasks for private employers of domestic helpers and ensure a correct employment and insurance.

In the case of a cleaning institute, on the other hand, the cleaner is employed by the institute and you are the client. In the case of a cleaning institute, different cleaners may be be assigned to you. A cleaner usually earns significantly less with an institute than if he/she is employed directly by you with the help of quitt – at much lower costs for you as an employer.

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