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Insurances & partners

Based on your information and selection, we know the necessary and desired insurances for your company and conclude them for you. At any time, your company is the policyholder and your premium is calculated individually by our insurance partner.


How the insurance contract works



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Data exchange

Data is transmitted to insurance partners.


Premium calculation

Insurance partner creates your individual policy.


We take over

Premiums are accounted for correctly.

Our exclusive insurances


Accident insurance

All employees must be insured against accidents. The UVG covers the consequences of an occupational accident, non-occupational accident or occupational illness. The benefits are fixed by law.

Hospital treatment in general ward
From the 3rd day of illness, 80% of the insured salary (max. CHF 148’200)
Disability: 80% of the insured salary (max. CHF 148’200)

The insurance premium is paid by the employer.

25% start-up discount


Pension fund

If you employ people with an annual salary of at least CHF 21’510, it is mandatory to join a private pension fund. The occupational pension (2nd pillar) supplements the AHV pension (1st pillar) to ensure an adequate standard of living after retirement.

Depending on age, a different percentage of salary is saved. In addition, there are benefits in the event of death and disability.

The contributions are shared by the employer and the employee at 50% each.


Sick pay insurance

This insurance assumes your obligation to continue paying wages in the event of your employees’ illness. At the same time, your employees are protected against loss of wages.

In the event of illness, 80% of the salary is paid for a maximum of 2 years after a waiting period of 30 days.

The insurance premium is shared by employer and employee at 50% each.

25% start-up discount


Hospital private and gross negligence

Improve the basic UVG benefit by covering the cost of private hospital treatment in the event of an accident, and additionally protect your employees from benefit reductions by covering special risks.

Your employees benefit from treatment & accommodation in hospital in the private (1-bed room) ward after an accident.
If an accident is caused by gross negligence and extraordinary risks, there are no benefit reductions.

The insurance premium is shared by employer and employee at 50% each.

25% start-up discount

Insurance partner

Helsana is the leading health and accident insurer in Switzerland. Shaping the Swiss healthcare system, Helsana is committed to a sustainable, high-quality, competitively organized and customer-friendly healthcare system. About Helsana.

Helsana is one of the health insurers with the most satisfied customers. It regularly receives top marks for service quality and products in independent comparative tests. To the ratings.

As such, Helsana provides insurance solutions to cushion the economic consequences of absences due to illness or accident for well over 60’000 companies and associations with a total of around 700’000 insured persons.

All customers receive a 25% start-up discount on quitt Business.

Pension fund partner

NEST is the first ecological-ethical pension fund in Switzerland. It does not invest in companies that produce armaments or nuclear energy plants, earn money with child labor or are involved in corruption cases. More about the investment strategy.

With this responsible investment strategy, the non-profit company has been achieving above-average returns since its foundation in 1983, thus securing the benefit entitlements of its insured. To the annual report.

NEST is one of the top 10 collective foundations in Switzerland. Around 3’700 companies with more than 26’000 insured persons entrust their pension assets to NEST. Our team also relies on NEST for the 2nd pillar.


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