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provides you with documents such as monthly pay slips and the yearly wage statement.

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For salaries above CHF 21’150


CHF 990

Subscription fee per calendar year

What’s included?

Contract of employment
Accident insurance without minimum premium
Accounting with social security
Pay slips & wage declaration
Family supplements
Withholding tax
Pension fund registration

Complimentary insurances

Sick pay insurance
Employers’ legal protection
Household insurance

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Subscribe To

Subscribe to

Subscribe your nanny and yourself to and register your employer-employee relationships in just a few clicks.

Manage Employer-employee Relationships

Manage employer-employee relationships

Manage hours worked and the payment of the contributions directly from your personal account.

Be Quits With!

Be quits with!

With your domestic help will be correctly registered and adequately insured. On top of this, will provide you with all the necessary documents.


Save Money

Save money

Benefit from unrivalled and inexpensive insurance conditions thanks to joint insurance policy with our partner Generali.

Quick And Digital

Quick and digital

Become an employer in just 5 minutes. Accomplish all administrative obligations for employers in just a few clicks online.

Fair Employer-employee Relationships

Fair employer-employee relationships

You determine the salary. No matter if cleaner, nanny or carer for the elderly, your domestic help will earn considerably more than if employed by a placement or cleaning agency since the expensive service costs can be omitted thanks to direct employment.

Guaranteed To Be Without Fail

Guaranteed to be without fail

We make sure that your domestic help is insured correctly and the accounts of social security (AHV/IV/EO/ALV) kept accurately. If you have questions about your employer-employee relationship do not hesitate to contact our competent support team.

Any questions?

Yes, offers its services all over Switzerland in German, French and English.

We offer accident insurance, sick pay insurance, household insurance and employer’s legal protection insurance packages.

No, only takes care of administrative and accounting formalities of domestic employment. However, we will support you in handling cross-border worker formalities and the withholding tax.

If no sick pay insurance has been taken out, the employer has to continue to pay the employee’s full salary during a determined period of time according to law (Article 324a (1) of the Swiss Civil Code), but only if the employer-employee relationship is older than three months or has been established for more than three months. In the first year of service, the period of continued payment of wages is at least three weeks. The continued payment of wages equals 100 percent of the employee’s salary, starting from the first day of absence. As of the second year of service, the period of continued payment of wages is regulated by the chart of continued payment of wages.

Yes, with our sick pay insurance (KTG). Thanks to our partnership with GENERALI, you will benefit from attractive employer and employee contribution rates for this kind of insurance – each paying a mere 0.75% of the gross wage. If your employee is unable to return to work for a prolonged period of time owing to illness, our sick pay insurance will kick in after 30 days. Your employee will receive 80% of his or her insured wage for up to two full years.

Between CHF 3,450 and 3,800 CHF for nannies without specific education and between CHF 3,800 and CHF 4,800 for nannies with knowledge and experience in a full-time position.

There is no such thing as a generally accepted minimal wage in Switzerland. Following minimal gross wages (excluding vacation compensations) are applicable in Switzerland. They are based on the standard employment contract for domestic works (NAV Hauswirtschaft) for all employments starting from at least an average of 5 working hours a week with the same employer.

  • Cat. „unskilled” CHF 18.90 per hour
  • Cat. „unskilled with 4 years of experience as domestic worker“ CHF 20.75 per hour
  • Cat. „skilled with EFZ or 3 years of vocational education” CHF 22.85 per hour
  • Cat. „skilled with EBA or 2 years of vocational education” CHF 20.75 per hour

The Swiss Red Cross (SRK) recommends an hourly wage of at least CHF 10.- for teenage and CHF 12.- for adult babysitters. Extra premiums should be paid for night shifts and in cases where more than one child needs to be looked after.

Payment in kind is part of the salary and has to be accounted accordingly. On the contrary, no tax has to be paid on refunded out-of pocket expenses. Payment in kind and out-of pocket expenses can easily be entered into your account so that they are correctly accounted and disbursed.

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