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Insure your babysitter or domestic employee against accidents for the lowest price here.

  • Starting from CHF 45,00 instead of the usual minimum premium of CHF 100,00
  • Compulsory accident insurance according to the Federal Law on Accident Insurance (UVG)
  • Insure both occupational (BU) and non-occupational accidents (NBU) according to UVG
  • Protection from personal liability

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We show you which services you need and how much your employment is going to cost you (social security, insurances and pension fund).


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Save money

Benefit from a selection of insurance packages concernig domestic employment at unrivalled favourable conditions thanks to a joint insurance policy with our partner Generali.


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You choose the salary. No matter if cleaner, nanny or carer of the elderly, your domestic help will earn considerably more than through a cleaning or placement agency, because the high service costs are eliminated.


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Become an employer in 5 minutes. Manage your administrative employer duties online with just a few clicks.


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We make sure that your domestic help is insured correctly and that AHV/IV contributions are settled as required.


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We will take care of the communication with all social security and tax authorities. As a customer you will receive a legally valid contract of employment, monthly pay slips, the wage statement and a competent partner for all questions concerning domestic employment.


From CHF 45 instead of CHF 100

Benefit from Switzerland’s cheapest accident insurance (UVG) for your household help!

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Your insurance will be legally binding as soon as we have received your payment. The basic fee of CHF 45.00 will be settled once you have signed up and loaded credit onto your account. At the end of the year, we will ask you to declare your employees’ effective annual gross wage in order to charge you the remaining premium.

    • Costs for medical treatment (treatment in a public ward)
    • Daily accident allowance (continued payment of wages up to a maximum of 80% of the insured wage, starting from the third day after the day the of the accident)
    • Disability benefit paid as a pension (up to a maximum of 80% of the insured wage)
    • Death benefit paid as a pension (up to a maximum of 70% for all surviving dependants together)

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We recommend signing a contract of employment with your cleaner. Upon subscribing to one of our accident insurance packages, we will provide you with a helpful template. Nonetheless, it is your responsibility to correctly register and account social security matters with the respective cantonal compensation offices.
If you prefer to outsource these statutory obligations, you can register your cleaner with

If no sick pay insurance has been taken out, the employer has to continue to pay the employee’s full salary during a determined period of time according to law (Article 324a (1) of the Swiss Civil Code), but only if the employer-employee relationship is older than three months or has been established for more than three months. In the first year of service, the period of continued payment of wages is at least three weeks. The continued payment of wages equals 100 percent of the employee’s salary, starting from the first day of absence. As of the second year of service, the period of continued payment of wages is regulated by the chart of continued payment of wages.

Yes. Thanks to our partnership with GENERALI, you will also benefit from attractive employer and employee contribution rates for this kind of insurance – each paying a mere 0.75% of the gross wage. If your employee is unable to return to work for a prolonged period of time owing to illness, our sick pay insurance will kick in after 30 days. Your employee will receive 80% of his or her insured wage for up to two full years.

If your cleaner or domestic employee works more than 8 hours per week, you will have to insure him or her not only against occupational but also against non-occupational accidents. allows you to do this at unbeatable conditions. currently recommends an hourly gross wage of between CHF 25.- and CHF 30.-. There is not yet any generally guaranteed minimum wage in Switzerland. But if you want to employ a cleaner for yourself on an ongoing basis for an average of five hours each week or more, there is a standard contract of employment for cleaners in domestic situations (under a minimum wage agreement with the unions in Switzerland). This contract foresees the following minimum gross hourly wage:

  • Unskilled workers without work experience:CHF 18.90
  • Qualified domestic employees after a three-year apprenticeship and holding a Swiss Federal Qualification Certificate:CHF 22.85
  • Trained domestic employees after two year’s training and a federal vocational certificate:CHF 20.75 recommends sticking to the above minimum wages – independent of the number of hours worked per week.

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